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It's the fire in your eyes and the flowing motion of your spine.
It's the joy in your walk and the resonant warmth in your voice.
 it's your shinning presence and a love for life beyond all reason.

Hi Everyone! 
Thanks so much for stopping by.
I'm Elisa 'Wowza' Lodge

At age 76, I've busted loose of the aging game 
and excited about introducing a fluid body language 
and radiantly fit lifestyle 
that unleashes the energy and power
 of your Divine Essence.

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 Morning Ritual - Hum, Wiggle and Breathe!

Factoid: Sedentary living - chair based lifestyle is a lethal activity! From sore backs, repetitive strain injuries and lack of motivation, the need for more movement at home and at work is fast becoming a necessity. Scientific American 2011 

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Wowza Testimonials
Growing Young on the Ball

I created a radical new fitness 
for a radically changing world -
an energy building, EXPRESSIVE ARTS FITNESS
that can turbocharge the most depleted energy, 
rocket fuel the stiffest spine into flowing motion, 
free up inhibited vocal power, 
and unleash a zest for lifbeyond all reason.
Check it out.
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Wowzacise - New Body Language on the Ball!

I was amazed how brilliantly you teach by example - embodying for people your profound body/mind message. You guided us all to outrageous levels of heartfelt expression and renewed vitality.
Dina Glouberman, President of Skyros Center in Greece

Ageless Vitality
Rolling and bouncing on different size balls breathing and sounding with a dynamic vocabulary of emotional energy firms and tones freedom of expression and 
unleashes the creative passion  to move with ease in a world of unpredictable change.

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 or go to Wowzacise blog

 Wowza's work is natural genius in action. Through embodiment  of a fluid body language, I am more adaptable to change, more open and heartfelt in my communication with others, more happy and successful - more me!   
James Wanless, PhD, Strategic Intuition for the 21 Century 

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The waves of change are
 spreading far and wide. 

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WOWZA Expressions of Pure Joy

For the last ten years I've facilitated 
Expressive Arts Therapy and Leadership Empowerment trainings in Mainland China. During that entire time, people balanced on balls as their chair of choice. Learning, growing and relating in fluid motion stimulates innovative thinking and creative right brain prowess.

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Thank you Wowza! After two years, my employees 
are still 'On the Ball! They are not only healthier and more productive they are happier!     
- Steven Wang, TGB China 

Interview as expert speaker 
Champion of Life Force


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